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Misty Morn, Belfast, 1972.
After the Rain, Belfast, 1972.
Slushy Promenade, Belfast, 1972.
The Snow Man, Belfast, 1972.
End of Day, Belfast, 1972.
The Pier, Killlough, Co. Down, 1970.
The Beach at Killough, Co. Down, 2011.
Ploughed Field, Co. Down, 1970.
Through the Tholsel, Carlingford, Co. Louth, 1970.
Young Photographer, Co. Donegal, 1972.
Parapet Walk, Mont-Saint-Michel, France, 1975.
Wet Beach, Saint-Malo, France, 1975.
Three Men Walking, Versailles, 1973.
Cyclist Avenue, Versailles, 1973.
Yves Bekkers, La Chartreuse, France, 1975.
Gresivaudan, Isere, France, 1975.
Chalet, #1, La Chartreuse, France, 1975.
Chalet, #2, La Chartreuse, France, 1975.
Wood and Stone, La Chartreuse, France, 1975.
Toronto Skyline, 1977.
Toronto Building, #1, 1977.
Toronto Building, #2, 1977.

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