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Welcome to the Home Page of my photography web site.
The navigation bar just above (and below) can be used to view the different images on this site.  There are two different Galleries.  The first, Galleries-1,  will take you to 5 different galleries with images arranged by subject, namely,  The Human Element, Structures, Towns and Cities, Landscapes, and Seascapes. These galleries contain my favorite images. The second set, Galleries-2, contains 15 galleries and here the images are arranged by location.  There are many many more images in these 15 sets that there are in the first set of five. The About link provides information about my photographic work and the photographs that are on this site.  Links provides a means to access some sites that I find interesting.  If you wish to get in touch with me, then simply complete the information in the  Contact page.            Thanks for visiting.

Me and my favorite toy.

Some  of  my  favorite  photographs.

These photographs and more can be found in the various galleries.

Looking up at the Oculus, NYC.
The Eiffel Tower viewed from Place du Trocadero at daybreak.
Three-on-three pickup basketball game in front of magnificent cathedral in Paris. in Paris.
Woman and child walking along "La Galerie de Chartres" in Paris.
Manhattan skyline at night viewed from Brooklyn.
The Dark Hedges, made famous by the Game of Thrones movie series, N. Ireland.
Spire of Winchester Cathedral framed metal and glass roof.
Under the massive structure of the Eiffel tower, Paris.
Perspective along the  Arcade du Louvre, Paris.
Boutique shops in ancient buildings in Bastia, Corsica.
Young people sitting around the magnificent Pompidou center as night approaches.
Through the arched gateway to downtown Saint-Emilion, France.
Refections along the narrow canals of Annecy, France.
Approaching storm over the Coastguard station at Killough, Co. Down, N. Ireland.
The imposing Titanic Museum in Belfast, N. Ireland, with a facade imitating the brow of the ship itself.
Old water mill at Barrowdale, English Lake district, and gentle stream.
Looking up at the Dent de Crolles, Isere, France.
The tall colonne Vendome of Napoleon in Paris with a human sitting at the top.
Sea departure from the port of Bastia, Corsica, with vibrant city colors and a menacing sky.
The old Union Station in Denver framed by the new station.
Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux, France, at night, fronted by its famous wading pool.
Two small groups of friends having an outdoors evening meal in Nice, France
The delightful Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye, Scotland.
A horse in a frenzy, Bartholdi fountain, Lyon, France.
Wast Water and its surrounding mountains, English Lake District.
Two fiends disappearing down the lonely Rue de l'Eveche, towards the sea.
A couple watching images of couples dancing, Musee d'Orsay, France.
A wet day in Paris, with colorful umbrellas
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